This Daimler Double Six Series 3 is registered J52PWK and was supplied new by Jaguar Cars to HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1991.

The car was used by HM the Queen to attend various public engagements and also between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle or Sandringham between 1991 and 1995 and it was her personal car it was not unusual to see HM Queen Elizabeth driving herself.

This car replaced an almost identical 1984 Daimler in 1991, and both were painted in HM The Queen’s unique colour, regularly referred to as Edinburgh Green but listed by the factory as Gavin Green which does not appear in standard colour charts.
The interior is finished in Parchment and has a specially manufactured flat rear bench seat, no rear headrests and rear lap belts instead of the standard inertias . ABS and CD changer were fitted when new.

The Queen has RAC and AA badges on her private cars.

The car was serviced by R. A. Creamer of Kensington who have maintained British Royal Cars for many years.

When the main State Car was used for ceremonial purposes the Daimler would be used as a support vehicle.
Only the main State Car has no numberplate, so the registration J52PWK was assigned to the car.
Comment has been made in recent years that it’s a “Prince William & Kate” “PWK” number!
The 52 appeared on a number of HM’s personal cars, 1952 being the year HM became Queen. The car was replaced in 1995 by another Daimler registered N52VKV.

The car is used regularly throughout the summer attending Classic Car Shows throughout North Wales and the North West.

It was in the Cartier Style et Luxe exhibition of Queen Elizabeth II’s cars at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012.

In September 2012 the car returned to Windsor Castle where it was shown with other Jaguar and Daimler on the Long Walk during the St.James’s Concours of Elegance.
In 2013 it was similarly displayed on The Mall near Buckingham Palace and St. James Palace.
The 2015 St.James Concours was held in Scotland and the car was on show at Holyrood Palace, and there will be return to Windsor Castle in 2016 during HM Queen Elizabeth’s 90th. birthday year.

When the car was purchased in 2008 it’s Royal History was not known and was only confirmed when a Heritage Certificate was obtained from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust.

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